Will WhatsApp share data with Facebook? WhatsApp delay its New privacy policy to clear confusion among users

WhatsApp Delayed its New privacy policy to come into effect. It got delayed by 3 months and WhatsApp will take it as a chance to explain their policies in detail. Now WhatsApp is in your WhatsApp status explaining that they will not share any personal pieces of information like shared location, personal chats because they are end to end encrypted. They assured their users that no one can read it.

Now the biggest privacy issue WhatsApp users are facing will they share users’ contact lists to Facebook. In recently posted status WhatsApp has cleared it that they will not be sharing any of your contact details.

WhatsApp is one of the most privacy driven chatting app to date. As they don’t show any add it is clear that our data are safe with them. Now Recent privacy policy has created chaos within its users. After being attacked with many memes and backlash finally WhatsApp took this step to explain what they meant by their new privacy policy. This is surely a great step by WhatsApp.

After Revealing their new privacy policy, matters got so out of hand that many users even uninstalled this App. And opted for other apps that don’t claim to read your chat.

The new policy was only meant for allowing Facebook to see user’s product interaction and shopping. So that you will have to customize ads. If you are an active user of apps like Instagram and Facebook you will probably understand how this ad works.

However now, WhatsApp has clarified that it was not meant for location tracking, private chat reading, and contact sharing. WhatsApp has again become a very private chatting platform for all. And there is no need to panic over these policies as Clarified by WhatsApp itself.

Now new privacy policy of WhatsApp will come into action in May. And WhatsApp has explained enough to not uninstall this app we all love to connect with our loved ones.

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