Netflix adding a new lineup of just about every genre of film in February.

Netflix adding a new lineup of just about every genre of film in February. The streaming giant is bringing a new batch of releases to some of its servers. This will breathe new life into the streaming giant after the loss of several popular series such as Sabrina. Additionally, it may help to counter some of the negative feelings about new series being released in January. Such as the next responses to Fate: winxs club which has some critics questioning the thought process Netflix producers. That being said, the new releases will cover override assortment of genres. Quite literally there will be something for every in the February Netflix release. without further ado a few of the top highlights of the upcoming releases.


Netflix romantic films

The romance titles in the February release include a new film entitled Malcolm and Mary. Additionally the final installment of to all the boys is being released. Specifically, to all the boys: always and forever which will follow the lives of the lovestruck teens in their final year of high school.

horror films

Amongst the top releases coming in February are several noted horror films. Of these notable titles there are the Mag, takes on the plane, and many others. The Meg follows the story of a group of deep-sea researchers exploring the unknown region of the ocean. While doing so the accident release and ancient predator of the seas. I must find a way to destroy the terror of Meg. As for snakes on the playing, the title really says it all. It’s up playing full of passengers and hundreds of deadly and poisonous snakes to mankind.


Perhaps the most notable and well-known classic being released in February on Netflix is American graffiti. A coming-of-age story following several teenagers from central California on a typical Saturday night. Except for the fact that it is their last one before the end of summer beginning of their lives. The film is also notable for being one of the earliest of George Lucas’s directing career.

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