Civilization six is receiving its newest DLC in combination with the frontier expansion

Civilization six is receiving its newest DLC in combination with the frontier expansion. The new nation that is being to the civilizations roster is Vietnam. This country rich in history and culture should prove to be a formidable addition. As with all countries in the civilization six game Vietnam will have several unique abilities and structures. Furthermore, the structures and abilities have been inspired by the country’s actual history. While this is true for all of the countries it is more accurate than most for Vietnam. That being said, it will be very interesting to see how players use this action in civilization six.

Civilization six Vietnam specialties

civilization six producers have been hinting it now for some time. Also, they have suggested that the country be on culture and nature. This has been proven true based on its special abilities and buildings. Specifically, the nation’s unique ability to provide specialty districts with enhanced bonuses when built on marsh, rain forest, or Forest areas. though to be fair, they can only be built on those locations to begin with. This confirms be on any doubts that the country in the game will be heavily focused on terrain. this can also be seen with their faction leader’s special ability “drive out the aggressors”. The ability is quite accurately named as common sense that multiple times throughout history. the ability is specific to certain terrains but when in use generate a five-point combat bones. Additionally, if the terrain belongs to Vietnam that point value is double. these are only a few of the special abilities available to civilizations six Vietnam.

Civilization six Vietnam strategies

Civilization sixes Vietnam presents different and interesting gameplay to any player who wishes to use them. Due to their unique abilities they would seem to be a defensive oriented civilization. however, given their restrictions and use that is not entirely the case. More than likely many players will discover that the best way to use the civilization is with cunning tactics. Such as, luring the enemy into terrain more advantageous to Vietnam’s abilities. Additionally, using hit-and-run tactics to strike at the enemy and then withdraw before being defeated. Though this is one possibility it is also one most closely tied to the country’s history. After all, Vietnam has defeated numerous foreign invaders by resorting to such tactics throughout the country’s history.

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