Pokemon TCG Card Box Unopened Sells for Over $400K in Auction

The unopened box of Pokémon first edition cards sold recently for a little over $400,000. This sale broke records at Heritage Auction. However, it’s no surprise, and is only adding to the current trend that these cards will sell for big bucks to the right buyer. The sealed box came with 35 booster packs, each within containing 11 cards each. Since all packaging is unremoved, these cards individually might rack up some serious bucks all by themselves.

The booster box’s price tag of 408k is higher by about 48k than a booster box that was sold by Heritage Auctions last year, meaning the market is in a bit of an explosion right now. Vintage Pokémon cards are hot items on the secondhand market, some selling for 300k or more. A super rare Blastoise card got sold for $360k and a First Edition Charizard sold for almost $180k back in October. Guess that proves who’s more valuable, huh?

Not An Old Game At All

Pokémon is getting more lucrative as the years go on. One medical school student was able to pay for his tuition by selling off his collection for a total of $80k. A transaction was made between a collection of Charizard cards and a rare Illustrator’s Pikachu card, both of which totaled to be about 1 million dollars. Icons sure do fly.

Even modern day cards are more like collection items than usable material. The first set of 2021 features Battle Styles, the new mechanics centered around Urshifu, and promotion of Pokémon’s latest DLC. Special “Shining Fates” cards will feature a Shining Charizard VMAC card, which is estimated to become rarer than ever on the secondhand market. More TCG news is estimated to come, related to the 25th anniversary celebration later this year.

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