The San Antonio Spurs have surpassed everyone’s expectations for this season of the NBA.

The San Antonio Spurs have surpassed everyone’s expectations for this season of the NBA. the reason for this astonishment is the fact that the Spurs never made it to the playoffs last year. Which was a shock considering they had actually reached the playoffs every single year for more than two decades. What is perhaps even more shocking about their return to the playoffs this year is the cause. Specifically, several of the young players from last year were considered the primary reasons for the loss. Specifically, they were young and lacked experience which had not been a problem before. This year, those same players are pushing the team forward with a vengeance.


San Antonio Spurs history


The San Antonio Spurs have a long history of making it to the playoffs NBA. In fact, for 23 consecutive years until 2019 they had always made it to the playoffs. This would be the equivalent of an English soccer team or Indian cricket team always making it to the final tournaments. This is good attributed to the success of the coach and the skill of the players combined with their age. The San Antonio Spurs often have on average the largest group of youngest players in the NBA. Unfortunately, in 2019 youth also included experience which is generally considered the reason they missed the playoffs. That is no longer the case for the current season of the NBA.


San Antonio’s Spurs rising stars


the same useful players that lack the experience necessary to achieve victory last year have changed. Indeed, this year the Spurs have reading their way back into the playoffs with a vengeance. This has been should be get to the skill and experience gained amongst the younger players. In particular three players stand out amongst the others Dejounte Murray, Lonnie Walker IV and Keldon Johnson. These three all in their early 20s have consistently make plays that one the games. In fact they often outshine the old stars spares when such stars are not on court. Many are considering the fact that these three could be the new stars for the Spurs in years to come. Especially after they managed to bring the Spurs back to the playoffs after their mistakes from previous year.

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