Fortnight XP coins locations have shifted as season five-chapter 2 week eight kicks off.

Fortnight XP coins locations have shifted as season five-chapter 2 week eight kicks off. As become customary for season pass holders and players in general XP coins are highly valued. Not as a source of tradable good but as a means to level up in the game. This means that knowing their locations is a vital part too many players strategies. Especially if they have to fight other players to get first. This information is also valued went hunting down the rarest of the coins, the gold one. An additional point of frustration is that each coin is unique and has qualities that make it a challenge.


Fortnight XP coins


Fortnight XP coins have the same effect to varying degrees. That is, they provide a certain amount of experience points to the players. This affect remains the same between the number of points that are available changes depending on the coin. In total there are four points each with their own color and unique challenge in collecting them. The coins are ranked in value from green, blue, purple, gold with the first being the lowest. Green are worth 5000 experience points they are usually the easiest to spot with some difficulty in reaching them. blue is worth 6500 and always spawn in water which can make them a challenge to locate. Purple is worth 10,300 XP but upon reaching one purple break into smaller pieces. You only get the full total if you can collect all pieces. The rarest is the gold coin worth 15,000 XP. Only one of these appear on the map at any given time.  As is the case with any gold rush the first one to get it wins. Or has to fight everyone else on the way to it.


Fortnight XP coins locations


The XP coins on fortnight that will generate at the same locations for specific amount of time. In general that is for an entire week at which point their location shift. Usually doesn’t take players want to locate the new locations and mark them on maps. This allows players to know exactly where the coins are and retrieve them. Or, if a player is feeling then you need to ambush players, they can locate the coins and lurk. like a spider in its web other players to come after the coins and become easy kills. Either way, it’s the coins add a lot of excitement to an already exciting.

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