Lady Ttieu in and Vietnam seen for the first time today in civilization six.

Lady Ttieu in and Vietnam seen for the first time today in civilization six. fans civilization six finally got a look at the newest addition to the game. specifically, the civilization of Vietnam and its faction leader. When Firaxis games first hinted that Vietnam would be added to the game they were very specific about the buildings. Specifically, they stated that Vietnam would be a culture and terrain-based civilization. this is now been proven as fact the first look and is true of both the civilization and the faction leader. As a result, this civilization and Lady Ttieu in are a impressive deadly combination.

Lady Ttieu in

Lady Ttieu in the faction leader of Vietnam as a truly formidable special ability. Though this is not surprising considering who the character is based on real life. Specifically, the third century female warrior who landed the country in its darkest hour of those times. Specifically, according to legend she was responsible for leading the defense of her country against one of the three kingdoms. specifically, she was the most famous leader of the defense of our country against Chinese occupation. Though she ultimately failed her actions led to the eventual freedom of her country. This cemented her reputation which has grown to that of legendary portions. a fitting choice or civilization 6 Vietnam’s faction leader.

Lady Ttieu in and Special abilities

Lady Ttieu in unique special ability “drive out the aggressor” gives Vietnam a decisive advantage over other factions. The ability which references one of her most famous speeches provides to special effects. The first of these effects is a combat bonus that greatly enhances unit effectiveness. Specifically, a combat unit fighting on the civilization’s affinity terrain games a +5 bonus to attack. Additionally, if that’s unit is also standing on terrain claimed by Vietnam the attack bonus doubles. the second affect that Lady Ttieu in provides is a movement bonus to all units that start on affinity terrain. Which means the unit starts a turn on forest, rain forest, or marshland receives five additional points. Additionally, if the land in question is claimed by Vietnam those points double. This when combined with special units from Vietnam creates a formidable defense and impressive office.

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