Second extinction the upcoming co-op shooter by systemic reactions has released a new weapon trailer.

Second extinction the upcoming co-op shooter by systemic reactions has released a new weapon trailer. Specifically, they revealed a specialty tool called the thumper which apparently can level the playing, literally. The game which is currently in its early access Beta test on steam network is a team-based first-person shooter. The point is to eliminate mutated dinosaur -like creatures. In order to win you must work with two other players in a team match against waves of dinosaurs. as such, weapons like the thumper will help turn the tide of battle. Also, interesting to point out that the game is slated for only PC and Xbox.


Second extinction the thumper


Second extinction’s newest trailer showcased a new weapon called the thumper. The name (which might be a reference to a device from the due book series) says it all. The web will result drop device which may land at a point designated on the map by the player. Upon landing it deploys and begins charging a central pillar. As it charges the bill arises higher until it hits full charge at what point it fires down into the ground. This triggers a massive shock and which sends according to the trailer a herd of dinosaurs flying through the air. It appears to also cause some damage to the dinosaurs based on their proximity and what they hit during flight. The players also able to shoot the dinosaurs when they are in the air or are stunned on the ground. It is unclear if it would respect the dinosaur the size of a T Rex. That being said there’s no denying it the most definite help in defeating large numbers of smaller dinosaurs.


Second extinction availability


Second extinction is currently available on steam network as part of their early access Beta test. This will allow players a chance to preview the game and also provide the producers feedback to improve it. it has been confirmed also that the finished product will only be available for PCs and Xbox series game consoles. Players who only have access to other gaming platforms will be sadly disappointed. Or elated that they won’t be facing down a mutated Tyrannosaurus rex in second extinction.

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