Nioh 2 one of the top games of 2020 has been remastered and is coming to the PlayStation 5.

Nioh 2 one of the top games of 2020 has been remastered and is coming to the PlayStation 5. This remastered version of the game has recently received a demo. That showcases the improvements over the original in both visual and frame rate quality amongst others. In addition to this information the developers of also confirmed a special release promotion. Specifically, a combo collection that allows the purchaser to access Nioh one and two for the PlayStation five. Yes the developers put the work and time into remastering the original game as well. soon fans of the series will be able to access both games on the PlayStation five.


Nioh 2 remastered


Nioh 2 was originally released early in 2020 before the release of the PlayStation five. Which means while the game was highly impressive it was limited to the capabilities of the PlayStation 4. However, after the remake the game is now able to shine full potential with the PlayStation five. A 15 minute demo recently released by the developers showcases all the improvements. Most notably the improved picture and frame. indeed, the promotion should the gameplaying at 4K resolution with 60 frames per second. They also confirmed that this was not the full potential of the game. The PlayStation five will be able to handle the gameplaying at higher settings such as 120 frames per second. Of course, it is important to her that while the PlayStation but I can handle at most monitors can’t. So in order to get the full potential you may need to upgrade your computer or television screen.


Nioh collection


Nioh 2 is not the only game in the series receiving a PlayStation five remake. The original game has also been digitally remastered and enhanced. This means both games will be available at higher quality settings for the PlayStation five. While both games will be available individual for the PlayStation five they are also being marketed together. Specifically they’re going to be sold in what is being known as the Nioh collection. Of course, for those fans who have already bought a PlayStation for version of Nioh there is another option. Specifically, they will be able to upgrade their game to the PlayStation five version on the PlayStation store. The really nice parts of this deal is that it is upgradable completely for free.

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