System shock is receiving the remake the bands have been longing and working for.

System shock is receiving the remake the bands have been longing and working for. while the actual game is not yet finished a prerelease demo will soon be available. Fans of this futuristic horror game have been asking for a remake for years. Now they will soon receive that request. Additionally, the developers have announced that the second game is also almost ready for its release. In fact, they have created a special offer that connect both games together. Of course, is still some time from the release but in the short term the demo will be available. And with it a chance to acquire both games at the same time.


System shock demo


long-term fans of the game system shot had been wanting a rebate for some time. They even put together a kickstart for to generate enough funds for the developers to work on it. Recently the kick starter page received a massive update on the developers. In which it stated that they had begun the process of remaking the game. This involves updating the graphics, game mechanics, and adding new voices. Also, in a couple of weeks the final demo for the game will be available on the steam network. it will cover two levels but provide a full view of the features and improvements. Developers are encouraging feedback from everyone who plays it so they can make the final adjustments.


System shock preorder


At the same time system shock final demo is released the developers have arranged a preorder. You will not have to as a player purchase the preorder in order to gain access to the demo. Rather you can play the demo first before deciding if you want to preorder the game. While they have not confirmed when the games exact release will be the developers added more incentive. Included with the preorder is the free download of system shock to when it is launched. In other words the developers have created a two-for-one deal of shocking proportions.

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