Stardew Valley’s newest update will be arriving on consoles by the end of the month, hopefully.

Stardew Valley’s newest update will be arriving on consoles by the end of the month, hopefully. The much beloved farm simulator went through a massive update just before Christmas 2020. The games 1.5 update added a massive number of new features. These new features were not just limited to single player but also affected multiplayer co-op play. All the PC gamers who had a copy of the game were overjoyed just before Christmas. Unfortunately, at the time the update was only available for the PC. However, that will soon change as the game’s creator has submitted the update for console review.


Stardew Valley 1.5

Stardew Valley’s 1.5 update added a host of new features that increase the games enjoyment. Specifically, it added new interests for existing fans to dive back into the game they already love. Amongst these new features were new livestock such as ostriches. Not to mention, quality of life improvements that added new depth to the game. Additionally, new layouts to certain regions of the game were included. Furthermore, new tools and tool designs to improve a player’s abilities in the game. Also, late game updates and modifications to the players house were included as well. As well as a variety of other features that greatly improve the experience.


Stardew Valley’s console release


Stardew Valley’s in its original form does have both a PC and console variation to the game. However, in its original release format it was only available on PC. As such any updates that rule out always go through the PC first and have to be approved for console release. This is still the case even now with the 1.5 update. PC gamers have had access to the updated all its features for a month. Fortunately, the games developer has finally been able to submit the update for consul review. The developer is hopeful that the update will be approved for constant release by the end of January or early February. This means only a couple of weeks before consul players can start enjoying the game. Of course, that is the most optimistic and most likely. That being said, the developer has pointed out that it’s not always the case and it could be longer. However, with any luck Stardew Valley’s will be available on Nintendo, Xbox, and PlayStation shortly.

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