A Harry Potter Spinoff Is In The Works According to JK Rowling on HBO Max

Author, philanthropist, and likely millionaire, JK Rowling has come up with another way to further the Harry Potter legacy with another supposed spin-off series. With her money maker, Harry Potter, selling over 500 million copies worldwide, it’s no wonder that her legacy is about to self renew for another hit special among the world’s media.

HBO, over the most recent years with Rowling, has expressed immense interest in developing a live action series based on the universe of Harry Potter. Reports state that “the project is currently in fledging stages at the Warner media owned streamer that is engaging with potential writers to bring the famed books alive on the small screen.”

When will the new HBO series come out?

As it turns out, the project is nowhere near new. This project has been under immense development and consideration for many years now.

With a movie release that swept the nation, it is no wonder that HBO would love even a small slice of the pie. After all, the movie series did earn over 7.7 billion in the box office.

Warner Bros, as we know, is making the third part of the spin off series “Fantastic Beasts.” As the sister company to HBO Max, this would be the second time any one of these companies has gotten in on the lucrative series.

As of now, there is no concrete information pertaining to this possible new series. Here’s to hoping this new series will be as popular as the previous ones!

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