Re:zero starting life in another world has its own video game arriving soon.

Re:zero starting life in another world has its own video game arriving soon. The videogame title the prophecy of the thorn tells a new and original story for the series. the game is also the first consul release game based off the series outside of Japan. The developers have strived to create a game that is as closely tied to the series as possible. Through the use of numerous adaptations based on information from the series. However, at the same time they created a unique and original feel the game. Re:zero starting life in another world prophecy of the throne will be available January 29.


Re:zero starting life in another world Setting


This new game is set directly in the storyline of the main series. Taking place towards the end of one of the primary arts before the beginning of the next. that being said it is also a completely original story the matches to capture the essence of the series. This is due in part to several factors foremost being that directors and writers are the same for both. Additionally, the original artists and voice cast for the anime and light novels have been used for the project. In this way the game manages to maintain series feels totally authentic. at least according to the promotional that has been made available.


Re:zero starting life in another world Gameplay


The game basically follows the principle of the adventure tactical strategy. The player wanders through the world gathering information between missions. Before going on missions, he joins together with his companion compare notes and come up with a plan. Is on the missions where they execute the plan in attempt to win the mission. According to the game trailer their chance of success or failure depends on how much information gathered. in this way it is very similar to parts of the original series. Also there is less focus on combat and more on politics and information gathering. Fans of the series and also mysteries deduction games will love this one.

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