Beautiful Star Cluster “Only” 5 Million Years Old Images Shared by NASA

A breathtaking organic site appeared on the internet today as NASA shared photos of a star cluster that is, according to them, “5 million years young.” This star cluster gathered sight seers from across the internet to share, spread, and glorify the image. This star cluster lives about 200 thousand light-years away, residing near the Small Magellanic Cloud. This millions out cluster dazzles in beauty, as it is relatively young.

“Inside the star cluster, bright, blue, newly formed stars are blowing a cavity in this nebula, sculpting the inner edge of its outer portions, slowly eroding it away and eating into the material beyond,” NASA wrote sharing a picture of the cluster.

The Instagram handle post became an instant. “Star formation started at the center of the cluster and propagated outward, with the youngest stars still forming today along the dust ridges,” it added.

Thousands of people observe these beautiful cosmos, and the post itself has accumulated well over a million likes in the process of this internet stargazing.

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