Xur the emissary of the nine, where will his shop appear in destiny 2 this week?

Xur the emissary of the nine, where will his shop appear in destiny 2 this week? In the game this individual serve as a merchant who sells rare and exotic items. first seen for special events during the first game Xur has become a regular vendor for destiny 2. Of course, he doesn’t appear in the same place twice or for very long. Additionally the gear he has available ships from week to week. Also, unlike any other vendor in the game he requires one of the rarer forms of currency from the game. However, this is exactly what one expects for his character, after all he is a servant of the mysterious nine.


Xur Items

Xur Is a merchant of exotic armor and weapons for the guardians of destiny. Each week he brings a new set of items available for purchase. These can range from any of the myriad of weapons available in the game to armor. Though it’s important to note that usually he will only have a few examples on. Of course, just like their purveyor the items are not always available say order. Put another way, one week he may have mostly armor and one weapon and the reverse the next. Additionally, they are almost never the same theme set. Most armor and some weapons in destiny fall into a theme or set that can be collected by the player. However, there’s no guarantee that Xur ever provide all of the pieces of a set.

Xur Locations

Xur location the game varies from week to week. Additionally, he is not to be found anywhere during the middle of the week. He always appears Friday and then disappears the following Tuesday. Also, he can appear anywhere in the game though usually in noncombat zones near markets. Such as his current location in Nessu near the watchers garden. though next week it will be difficult to predict exactly where he will appear. Though there is a pattern it does shift occasionally with the only constant being the nature of the location. That being, he always appears in the area that is easily accessible if not predictable.

Legendary shards

the only way for the player to acquire Xur merchandise is to pay him the legendary shards. According to the game floor these shards are the remains of legendary items. To use an example, it would be like paying Xur the fragments of Excalibur to buy a new weapon. While this is not the rarest currents in game is also not the easiest to acquire. While it can be found as a victory drop during battle is more likely to be found from certain chests. Usually exotic or legendary supply crates which can be found scattered across most maps. that being said, the easiest way at the moment to acquire legendary shards is by breaking legendary and exotic weapons. Of course, to acquire these players usually have to farm lesser currency to find the weapons. Or acquire them as drop items through various missions/dungeon raids. After acquiring the items a player can choose to dissemble to the base components which will yield legendary shards. Unfortunately, it will not yield greater the amount of which means it will take some time to meet Xur price. Of course, his goods are usually worth every single shard.

Xur Back story


Xur the emissary of the nine exactly like every other character destiny has a back story. Though in his case it is an enigma just as his masters are. what exactly their purpose is in sending Xur fourth as their emissary and merchant is unclear. What is known is that Xur the emissary of the nine has been more than just a merchant. He has acted as the voice and ambassador of the nine for many years and has been seen critical events. Whatever his purpose Xur the emissary of the nine is more than a randomly appearing merchant of exotic weapons.

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