Attack on Titan season 4 is under new management with studio Mappa, can they match the expectation?

Attack on Titan season 4 is under new management with studio Mappa, can they match the expectation? This is a fair and not unwarranted question as many series across the world have failed with such a change. This by no means degrading Mappa which is without doubt one of the better anime studios in Japan. The question is can they match the quality the fans have come to expect for the series? Since attack on Titan has been an extremely popular manga and anime for almost a decade it’s a good question. Especially when it’s change production and establish shows have failed without such drastic changes.


Studio Mappa

Mappa is an Anime studio Japan founded in 2011. it is one of many such studios across the country that produce anime. While a small number of are original productions the majority of the studios instead focus on adaptations. In other words, they created anime based off some sort of source material. In most cases this is either a light novel or a manga that has become popular. This particular studio has become known for several prominent projects and collaborations. Furthermore, it is also known for its use of CGI animation. though it cannot be denied that they have developed their own style of animation as a result. It’s unclear if this will be a good fit for their interpretation of the fourth season of attack on Titan.


Attack on Titan season 4


attack on Titan is one of the most popular anime and light novel series for over a decade. With over 30 volumes and for seasons it is without doubt a fan favorite. But all good things eventually count to two and as is the case with season four. That being said, there were shocks for the fans when they heard who would be creating a final season. Instead of the original studio Mappa secure the rights for the final season. While there has been some disagreement over this and surprise it has been kept to a minimum after the trailers. The greatest concern was whether or not the four seasons would remain as true to the source material as others. The trailer at least seems to alleviate that concern. Another issue, is whether or not the CGI animation used by Mappa will clash with fan expectations from previous seasons. This has generated more debate amongst the fans who prefer the older style. That being said, the trailers allow most of the fans to raise their hopes. Of course, fans of the series won’t know for certain what they think the first persons are released. Only then can they judge whether or not Mappa has met their expectations.

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