Corpse husband calls out Spotify for not promoting his music and now he’s viral.

Corpse husband calls out Spotify for not promoting his music and now he’s viral. This Internet sensation is best known for his video channel on YouTube specializing in among us. His videos and spooky duration there of this top-rated social deduction game have one quite a following. That and he is mysterious I did see that no one has been able to find out. What surprises many hands of his though is that he is also a musician. Many of his songs have been posted to Spotify and had gained somewhat of the following. However, up until recently not as high as corpse husband was hoping for an expressed-on twitter.


Corpse husband


corpse husband is the screen name of YouTube video creator who specializes in creating among us videos. As a result, his popularity skyrocketed along with the game over 2020. Many fans of the series found his videos most enjoyable including his somewhat dark and ominous narration. Adding to his appeal for many of his fans is the mystery surrounding. To this day no one has been able to identify who corpse husband truly is. Indeed, he has worked very hard to keep and has admitted that he likes the mystery. Though, he also has admitted that he enjoys aggravating some potential polymers by never responding to their messages. of course, that does add to his image or at least the one he is trying to cultivate. And what fits not only with his YouTube videos but also his style as a musician.


Corpse husband and Spotify


what many of his followers on YouTube are unaware is the fact that corpse husband is also a musician. He’s also quite a popular one as several of his songs have received tens of millions of plays. However, a post that he left on twitter early January 2021 stated that Spotify wasn’t advertising his music. he stated that the advertising team were playing favorites when it came to artists on the site. also, the majority of the plays of his music was on other sites. He further went on to ritual the site for its actions and stated that they deliberately avoid mentioning. While that post is no longer on twitter it did have an effect either honest fans or Spotify. Because as of February corpse husband songs are now on the sites top 50 viral hits.

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