Pokémon Go 2021 Community Day Revealed as Machop: January Updates Inbound

Pokémon Go 2021 Community Day will include the rough, tough, mean machine of the Pokémon world: Machop. With it comes exclusive and extraordinary Machop-themed research quests as well. According to Pokémon GO news, the next Community Day is going to feature Machop. As we all know, Community Days are uncommon occasions where there is a more than likely chance that a certain Pokémon will appear en mass.

The latter Pokémon Go Community Day that took place last month gave gamers a boost to exp, making it one of the best Community Days to ever grace the game. It gave players a break, letting them earn exp faster than ever before. For two days this Community Day (not really a Day anymore when you think about it) ran and gave players a chance to get into the swing of the new level cap.

Pokémon Go 2021 Community Day: What can we expect?

Pokémon Go 2021 Community Day

Back when Pokémon Go unveiled itself back in 2016, the game was a spot on hit to all sorts of demographics. It sold to old fans, new fans, moms who had heard of Pokémon, dads who just wanted a new phone game for work, kids, people in their 20’s who post too much online, everyone. The app never misses a beat when it comes to in-game celebration, and it’s because of that that we enjoy consistent updates and exp boosts galore.

New Content On The Horizon

We’ve seen Wooper Watch, and all kinds of other Pokémon Go Community Day focuses over the years. Now with the Machop event, we can get something somewhat rare and bolster on it. Because while Wooper itself isn’t all that rare, getting a massive amount of them makes your game progress forward. In fact, you could catch nothing but Woopers, and you’d still have a pretty substantial game.

What’s coming next?

Pokémon Go 2021 Community Day

This January’s Community Day will definitely be something special. With this new Pokémon selected to be a part of a Community Day, you’re going to start seeing a major influx of those who have a hearty Machamp guarding their PokeStop. Consider trying for one this Pokémon Go 2021 Community Day.

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