Star Trek Picard confirmed for season two when will it officially Arrive?

Star Trek Picard confirmed for season two when will it officially? a very interesting question that has no answer this time. The new Star Trek series is a first for the Star Trek franchise. That is, it is a series that is a direct sequel to a previous series. While there have been multiple series in Star Trek franchise this is the first live-action sequel series in its history. the majority of the franchise series may be interconnected to each other but usually have independent crews cast characters. Star Trek Picard instead centers around the character former Capt. Picard. Season two definitely has lot for fans to look forward to when it airs.


Star Trek Picard What to expect

Star Trek Picard has no source material available at this time. Practically the only thing known for certain is that the series was her second season. the only other bits of confirmed information is the fact that Capt. Picard will be returning as well. In fact, it appears that the actor who plays Capt. is planning to be around for at least another two seasons. beyond that it’s unclear exactly which characters would returning for the next season. That being said it is expected that the entire cast is on board the ship at the end of season one will be returning. Unfortunately, there is no information about the potential plots for season two. In fact, with the events wrapped up the way they were season one there doesn’t appear to be much available. Put another way, there doesn’t appear to be any means of connecting primary story from the first season second. That being said there are options using secondary plot information as well as room for creative imagination.


Release date


Unfortunately, Star Trek Picard season two is not yet been officially confirmed. This means that there is at this time no official launch date for the second season. Furthermore, it appears that it will be sometime all promotional imagery becomes available as well. This due to the fact that production on the second season has begun yet. Though, with luck that should be beginning shortly. This means that the series could see a late 2021 or early 2022 release. Until then fans will eagerly await every bit of information on this television series.

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