Star Trek discovery season 4, what we know so far about the story.

Star Trek discovery season 4, what we know so far about the story. Star Trek discovery is one of the newest television series set Star Trek universe. As such, it is already taking this in directions no one has gone before. Over the course of its last three seasons the crew has travel on incredible adventures. Along the way, they overcome impossible challenges and formidable adversaries. None more so than in the last season when the crew found themselves in the distant future. Yet over the course of that season, they rose to meet the challenge and save the Federation. Now in season four they face a new challenge, helping to rebuild what was lost.


Season four set up

to understand what’s going to happen season 4 you need to know a little bit about season three. The starship discovery at the end of season two was shot into the distant future. At that time for various reasons the federation was fractured and on the verge of collapse. The destiny and her crew provided not only a beacon of hope but a direct influence to correct the collapse. Their actions not only managed to inspire the Federation and its former members but on too many of the enemies. Additionally, through the course of their ventures they help to find resources that had been depleted elsewhere.


Star Trek discovery season 4


Recently, new updates for what to expect from season 4 of discovery were made available. Amongst most of this information to key features stand out. One being the confirmation of what the new antagonist will be and the other the bridge crew. Part of the updates confirmed that season four of Star Trek discovery will have an all-female bridge crew. This would be a first for the franchise as all other ships have always had a mixed gender bridge crew. It will be interesting to see if this is accurate how they explained that given the crew from the previous season. The other key feature from the update on the production was hinting at what the primary enemy is. Specifically, the update stated that the antagonist will be a non-living entity. No other information is available at this time but given Star Trek’s history that doesn’t really narrow it down. Of course, after last season one of the primaries focuses of the story in season four will be rebuilding. Specifically, rebuilding the federation in a way where it retains its values while respecting the cultures of its members. If this update is accurate then season four should be one of the most exciting of any Star Trek series.

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