Black Panther two theories: how can Killmonger return for the upcoming film?

Black Panther two theories: how can Killmonger return for the upcoming film? This question has been making arounds amongst fans on the Internet recently. Given the limited information available on the upcoming film this is not an idle speculation. While it is true that the character was killed at the end of the first film there are ways to return. And if they manage to find a way to return it would have to be a way that did not affect the storyline. After all, one of the reasons Black Panther was such a powerful film was the intense struggle. Specifically, between the cousins as Black Panther and Killmonger both fought for what they believed. Bringing Killmonger back without a specific purpose would betray the story of the first film.




To understand why fans are speculating about the return of Killmonger you need to know a little bit about him. The character is the son of the second Prince of Wakanda from the previous generation. In other words he is the cousin of the Black Panther. However, he was raised as an orphan in an oppressive part of the United States for African-Americans. This like his father before him in bitter tend to his home ancestral homes isolationist nature. As a result, he became a member of the secrets agencies of the United States wet work teams. Thus, when he left those agencies was well trained in how to overthrow the country’s government. Which is what he attempted to do to the ancestral home. Though, his actions were motivated by revenge and in need to overthrow oppressors he himself became an oppressor to do it. this led to a fierce and ultimately tragic battle between the cousins that resulted in Killmonger’s death. Though his actions and final words inspired the Black Panther to break the isolation of his country. To help the rest of the world and oppression through peaceful means.


Black Panther two theories

There are currently several theories about how Killmonger could return in the upcoming film. the first is some sort of reanimation of his body. Which depending on the storyline may not be impossible but would require very specific villains. Another possibility would be the use of flashbacks to help tell the story. Again not impossible, but very tricky to implement without destroying the existing storyline. The most likely scenario involves the astral plane with the spirits of the dead. It is quite possible that the Black Panther or one of his linkage could journey their and speak with Killmonger. Of course, these are just theories and won’t be confirmed or disproven for some time. Until then, it will be interesting to see what fans managed to think up about Black Panther 2.

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