PS4 Server Down (2021) : How to check if Playstation Network (PSN) working or not on your gaming console

How to check PSN?

PS4 Server Down (2021) and you don’t know what to do next and? How to check PSN.

Here is the complete guide on how you can check whether your PSN network working properly or not. Since Tonight and many have raised issues and lodged a complaint about the same. But some users claimed that there is not any major or minor issue in their gaming console. So there is actually a way to check your PSN. To know how to check your PSN read further.

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Step – by -step guide on How to check PSN?

PS4 sever down

As this PS4 server down issue is recurring, there has to be a way to check your PlayStation networks. Yes, Sony has provided an implementation to PS4. This will help you to find out whether your PSN is working or not.

Step 1: switch on your PS4 and go to the settings menu.

Step 2: Select Network in settings

Step 3: Tap on view PSN status and done!

This feature allows users to know their PSN status. So they can play their respective games worry-free. Tapping PSN status will take you to the official PlayStation website. Which eventually allows you to check your PS4 network status.

Now that, PS4 server is down you can check your PlayStation network working status through this setting. Or wait for further updates on network issues. This Network checker menu has its significance as server maintenance issue is recurring for PlayStation users. Some users wrote on Twitter about switching to different gaming console of this issue remained unsolved. We will update you as soon as this network maintenance issue will be resolved.

What do you think about this PS4 Server Down issue, Are you also opting for another gaming console. Tell us in the comments.

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