PS4 server down (2021): Recurring issue that affects Gamers world wide.

PS4 server down (2021):

11 February 2021: PS4 server down and affected its users worldwide, however, this is the first issue of this year. But sever down seems to be a recurring issue for PlayStation. And Many users took social media platforms or even official websites of Sony and PlayStation to voice their issues with this gaming console.

There are many instances in 2020 that PlayStation raised Network error, or server was under maintenance raised signing in issues on PlayStation. Users are not taking these maintenance’s with open arms as Sony or PlayStation is shutting down their consoles without any further notices. And that to users had to wait for almost 1-2 days to get their console or games to normal.

However, Sony has given an explanation for this time and asked users to be patient but this was always not the case. As the PS4 server down (2021)is down in many regions for now Sony had given an explanation but did not utter a word about when we will get to play our games normally. So this makes our next point why this problem/ errors reoccurs.

PS4 server down (2021) Why this is a recurring issue?

PS4 sever down

After many complaints, Sony named this issue as Network maintenance, but as per users, it occurs in Every 2-3 months time frame. Now just for the sake of keeping track PS4 server down (2021) now is the first event of Network maintenance. Remember and count it from next time that how much maintenances these servers need.

We get it PSN has millions of users and PlayStation is one of the most loved gaming consoles. But notice would be a nice gesture by Sony for such maintenance. It’s very irritating to stop in midway while playing your favorite game. However, every time after network maintenance error all gaming data are recovered and has no problems whatsoever.
But, players are asking Sony for Prior notice, for any network maintenance. It’s a hassle trying to log in then find out there is network maintenance issues.

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