PSN Down: PS4 server down as PlayStation Network hit with PS5 maintenance error

PS4 server Down :

PS4 server down as PlayStation Network hit with PS5 maintenance error. And the irony is it is without any further notice, users couldn’t help but complain about this.

Sony is known for its great consumer services, but this time they just lost a point. If you are a PS4 and ps5 user you might get by now what we are talking about. You might also get an error on your PlayStation saying Network Maintenance Error.

Tonight PSN servers are down, Sony hasn’t released any prior notice beforehand. And it irritates the users. Saying they should have told us prior to this Network maintenance.

Console owners Reaction :

Imagine you are at a very crucial level of your game and suddenly your dashboard shows you, Maintenance Error instead of your score. It would have been a nightmare for gaming nerds. Some of these console users took Twitter to show their rage.
Some Tweets are as follows:

What do you think? Some users are even thinking to opt for Xbox. Does it really make sense for Sony, to have their network down without any prior notice. However, nothing is clear as of now is universal or only some regions are affected by this maintenance. We will update you on that.

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Sony’s Explanation :

PS4 sever down

The official PlayStation website says every PSN, is facing these errors. Sony addresses this issue saying, that users might have difficulty in signing in for their PlayStation account. And they are working to resolve this issue at their earliest. And thanked users for their patience.

Soon more updates will be available by Sony if this issue will not be resolved in time. However when PSN Will back to normal is not clear as of now. You really need to be patient about this.

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