Godzilla versus Kong, who is the real villain this upcoming monster film?

Godzilla versus Kong, who is the real villain this upcoming monster film? This is the question on the mind of fan since the announcement of the film. After the release of most recent trailers, it has only intensified. After all, in the last two Godzilla films Godzilla was portrayed as protagonist or misunderstood at the worst. as a result, many fans are shocked to see trailers indicate he is the villain in the upcoming film. However, there is also mounting evidence to suggest that Godzilla is not the villain. Specifically, it appears that an on-scene force is antagonizing the alpha monster. Unfortunately, this appears to be virtually unknown and has led to a confrontation between two titans.


Godzilla versus Kong trailer breakdown

the most recent trailers for this upcoming film seem to indicate that Godzilla has gone crazy. Randomly attacking human settlements and vessels for no apparent reason. Furthermore, it indicates that there is a deeper connection between Kong’s race and Godzilla’s. Specifically, it appears that there was an ancient war between these two titan species. This is not entirely without precedent as both species are considered alphas. Which means in that universe as a Titan alpha they can command and control lesser titans, once establishing dominance. That being said, if two Alpha tightens since each other’s presence a fight will usually break out. Which means that if these two species existed at the same time a war was inevitable. As neither would back down the ruled by the other. That being said, there are hints in the trailer that there is another force at work. There are instances where individuals are searching there’s something aggravating Godzilla that no one else is seeing. Also, there is one scene that shows what appears to be a Godzilla -like creature but with red features.


The true enemy


It is true that the Godzilla monster verse has knots drawn heavily off the previous films from Godzilla franchise. that being said they have used inspiration from them in order to create the storylines. There is one antagonist from original series that fits the bill for the coming film. That is, Mechagodzilla the robotic version of Godzilla. This particular artificial monster has been the antagonist against Godzilla on numerous occasions. Additionally, on numerous occasions Godzilla has only defeated this monster when working with allied Titans or potential rivals. Given all the evidence from the trailers and what is known of the monsters from movies this seems to be the most likely. Of course, we won’t know for sure until the film is released.

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