Scientists Are Pretty Sure They Found a Portal to the Fifth Dimension

A new study has shown that scientists have pushed the limits and can now explain dark matter by posting a particle with links to a fifth dimension. The idea was first introduced in 1999 with a popular physics model that talked of a “warped extra dimension.” This research was published in The European Physical Journal C, and was the first to use the theory to explain this problem that’s endured through the ages: the problem of dark matter.

But which scientist found the fifth dimension?

scientist found fifth dimension

Currently, what we know about our universe in a physical description completely banks on this idea of dark matter. This matter takes up much of what we know as the physical universe. It explains gravity, being the X factor that makes up much of what we know about physics. Without dark matter, many things would fall apart in an instant. Dark matter doesn’t disrupt the particles’ existence, but rather endures them, and causes the particle to live and continue on.

“[T]here are still some questions which do not have an answer within the [standard model of physics]. One of the most significant examples is the so-called hierarchy problem, the question why the Higgs boson is much lighter than the characteristic scale of gravity. [The standard model of physics] cannot accommodate some other observed phenomena. One of the most striking examples is the existence of dark matter.” – Scientists from Spain and Germany during the study.

This new study endeavors to explain the relations of dark matter using a WED model. They studied fermion mass, which was believed to communicate to the fifth dimension through portals, create dark matter relics, and create “fermionic dark matter” within the fifth dimension. This fermion traveling could very well explain some of the dark matter presence that scientists have not been able to pinpoint until now.

“We know that there is no viable [dark matter] candidate in the [standard model of physics] so already this fact asks for the presence of new physics.”

Much of mathematics creates this mass of fermions that eventually manifest in the portal through which they travel to the fifth dimension of warped space. The pocket sector is one way that scientists could finally explain the massive amount of dark matter that has eluded our detection that could be explained with physics.

With this science behind us, finding the secret to dark mater could be coming soon. We may even find it observable in the near future. As of now, the reason we cannot progress forward is because of the lack of observable evidence of this dark matter theory. All we need to observe the fermionic dark matter is a gravitational wave detector. Finding our answers may come sooner than we think.


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