Top gun franchise, is a question that many long-term fans of the first film are asking.

Top gun franchise, is a question that many long-term fans of the first film are asking. The question is not beyond the realm of possibility as Tom Cruise has started in many franchises. Of course, the most notable of these is the mission impossible movies. That being said, there are several challenges and differences between the mission possible films and the Top gun films. Many of these challenges and differences would have to be overcome in order for additional films after Maverick. that being said, there’s no denying that if these done Tom Cruise as the experience and talent. Combine those with the right director and fan appreciation and who knows how many top films could come to be.


Top gun maverick


Top gun maverick is the upcoming sequel to the original top gun film. That film was released 34 years ago at the height of the Cold War. It detailed the story of the top US Navy pilot selected to join others at a elite training camp. It followed his time at camp and the experiences he had there. Specifically, being pushed to the edge and nearly losing his nerve as a pilot. the film also shows how he managed to find his way back. Specifically, just in time to help his squad survived an encounter with Soviet Union fighters. While no storyline has been officially released is clear from the trailers that top gun maverick is set 30 years later. The original pilot has become a top aviator and has been ordered back to the camp. There he takes on the role of a chief flight instructor. Additionally, it seems to indicate that he will have another dance on the edge. Specifically, incidents with one of the trainee pilots will trigger a blast from the past that will shake his confidence.


Top gun franchise possibilities

Fans of top gun were ecstatic when they heard that a sequel was coming out. Now that top gun maverick has finally been confirmed to release in July 2021 a new question is emerging. Will this be the only sequel or will it be a franchise like mission impossible? The answer to that would depend on two factors. First how well top gun maverick is received by the fans. if the response is similar to the response to the mission impossible films then the chances go up. The other factor has to be considered is the availability of Tom Cruise to star as maverick. This is a more challenging issue as is already committed to upcoming film projects including new mission impossible films. However, if his agent gets creative with Tom Cruise’s scheduling and the van responses there then there could be more top gun films.

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