Death stranding 2, is this just wishful thinking or do the creators of the game have a plan?

Death stranding 2, is this just wishful thinking or do the creators of the game have a plan? The potential of a sequel to the highly acclaimed award-winning videogame is a matter of some debate amongst fans. specifically, many of them want to see a second installment game story. However, no official notice has been given by the game’s creators as to their intention to make a sequel. that being said, they have provided hints at their intentions of doing so. What remains the most unclear question a second installment in the series would be the exact nature of the storyline. Of course, that is what makes games like dead stranding so popular for follow-up game debates.


Death stranding


To understand the appeal of the other second game one person to know about death stranding. The original game is essentially a action game where the player takes on the role of a bridge. In other words, a courier who graves the monster written wastes of what was North America. In the game your goal is to appoint these monsters with the help of a BB unit. This is due to the fact that the monsters are visible unless an individual establishes a bond with a BB. Otherwise, the monsters of the world are invisible which is a formidable ability alongside their time manipulation. the primary goal of the game is to reestablish communications between the surviving city. Also, to learn more about the monsters and their purpose in this new world. the game was and still is highly acclaimed and popular. This is due both to its impressive graphics and mechanics. Additionally, it has a story line on par with other top rated video games such as the last of us 2.


Death stranding 2 possibilities


While the studio has not officially confirmed their intentions to make a sequel to the original, they have not denied it either. In fact, the director has stated that he would like to make a part to the game. He also has stated that creating a new game almost demands that a sequel be made in order to create a franchise. of course, due to the way the first game ending it’s hard to see how a potential follow-up would work. the most likely choice though would be telling the story from the perspective of the main character. Of course, at this point there is only and guesses as no official announcement          have been made.

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