Space Engineers newest update brings cross play compatibility to the sandbox game.

Space Engineers newest update brings cross play compatibility to the sandbox game. this space-based sandbox engineering game has only been officially released for a little over a year. However, in that time it received high accolades from numerous players. provides a realistic look at space engineering or rather space mining while at the same time creating a mine craft feel. That being said, the game did receive some criticism. There were several notable glitches that continue to infuriate players. Additionally, the game lacked cross play compatibility. Which meant that players were limited to multiplayer format with individuals who use the same console. Many of these issues have recently been resolved with the release of the games 197.1 update.


Space engineers


The game essentially revolves around player choosing a planet or asteroid belt to start their journey on. Their goal is to extract the minerals from said location and use that to craft the items. In many respects this is a space version of mine craft. However, it does have some unique characteristics such as realistic space mechanics and more realistic graphics. this is not surprising, given the fact that the game has been in health a level open development until recently. Specifically, the game was first lodged on the steam network for early access testing in 2013. This continued until 2016 when the game entered the official beta test. After the beta test worked out many of the major bugs fan suggestions were implemented it was officially released. when it was officially released in 2019 there were still some issues that had to be worked out. Random glitches involving one of the games better features and also the cross-platform compatibility was incomplete. these issues as well as many others have been solved with the most recent update.


Space engineers update 197.1

these most recent updates to the space engineers’ game have fixed a myriad of issues in the final version of the game. The primary issue that has been fixed by this update is the cross-platform playability. While the original base game does provide cross-platform compatibility it is cross-platform with the same account. In other words, while it was possible to access the account any gaming system multiplayer was still restricted. That has changed with the most recent update which now allows flawless cross-platform play. The other major issues that were asked involved glitches that affected screen loading times and in game resource allocation. the end result is a game that is even better than it was before the updates, not an easy thing.

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