Taxi Chaos the spiritual successor to crazy taxi is coming to major consoles in two weeks.

Taxi Chaos  the spiritual successor to crazy taxi is coming to major consoles in two weeks. Yes, the long-awaited return of the taxicab sub-genre of driving games will soon be available. In fact, preorders of the game for PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo consoles are available.  taxi chaos is the spiritual successor to taxi games like crazy taxi is not a direct sequel. Which of course makes sense as none of the original aims had much of a story beyond finding a fair. that being said, this new game is loaded with features that none of its predecessors possessed. Most of these will be showcased by the developers on a live preview February 16, 2021.


Chaos Taxi features


Taxi Chaos has a host of features that put it several levels above any of its predecessors from decades ago. One of the most notable of these features is the completely voiced acting for each passenger. Along with that is the fact that each passenger is unique. They range from a hobo hipster to an actual alien minus the flying saucer. Each of the fares has its own complete voice acted script with unique dialogue allowing for an interesting conversation. In other words it can please the taxi by that was lacking in the previous games. Just like its spiritual predecessors this game allows you to drive anywhere from streets to rooftops. Your goal is simply to get the passenger to his or her destination, with style and dairy. To that end the player now has the ability to achieve that with more than just the taxi. Besides the standard yellow tax the player will have access to six additional vehicles. Of course, some of these will have to be purchased in game currency. Yet another reason to want to earn more coin each passenger. While the exact make and model of the cars is first the pinnacle will be a muscle car. these are only a couple of the many features available in Chaos Taxi.


First look

for anyone who wants to get an early look at the gameplay of  taxi chaos the producers of the game are going to oblige. On February 16, 2021 at 11 AM Pacific standard they will live stream the first ever gameplay of the game. The event will be hosted on their twitch channel, specifically the official lion Castle twitch channel. Otherwise, the first time anyone will see actual game footage will be on February 23 when the game releases.

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