Grand Theft Auto Six in the works at least according to a series of leaks.

Grand Theft Auto Six in the works at least according to a series of leaks. Recent rumors and supposedly weeks have been spreading across the Internet suggesting another installment in the series. While it is important to remember that until an official announcement nothing certain. That being said the sources of this information has historically been accurate on similar predictions. While these leaks do not provide any timeline for release there’s other permission. Specifically, information regarding possible characters and storyline amongst other details. Perhaps the most interesting of these details however is a suggestion that this game will tie into all the previous ones.


grand theft auto six Possible details


there is no official from the producers of the grand theft auto games that they are working on six. However there have been indications that they are working on a new addition to the game. Certain guidelines in their quarterly reports and rumors of a massive project. To the is tidbits of information the various weeks that have surfaced and the possibilities grow stronger. Many of the lease tells potential features and elements that may appear in the possible six-game. In addition to suggesting various characters such as a male and female protagonist other information has been revealed. This includes possible store such as suggesting a direct connection to the previous game. Additionally, some of the leaks have indicated that there may be actions to other games in the series. These suggestions specifically come from map details that may have been linked. These just met the man will be the largest ever seen in the franchise.


This is due to the suggestions that it may include three of the principal cities from the previous games. There is a suggestion that it will include cities from the very first game in the franchise. Which would be the first time that has been seen in decades. If this is true and fast travel is not involved in all of the space between the cities should be travel as well. That would deftly make it the largest ever created by this company. Was this and all the other leaks are potentially inaccurate. That being said, many of the leaders have excellent track records for their information. Unfortunately, until official dates for release or confirmation all we have to go on are the leaks and the gases.

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