Halo infinite has consumed all of the developer’s attention to the exclusion of other games in the franchise.

Halo infinite has consumed all of the developer’s attention to the exclusion of other games in the franchise. Specifically, the developers have confirmed that they have no plans to continue improving or developing new installments of the Halo wars. While this could be understandable considering that these two installments franchise are different game types. However, it is telling that fans have continuously expected new material for the Halo wars. Part of this could be because Halo wars 2 was extremely it dissipated by fans and well-received after release. In contrast, the initial reception to the early halo infinite teasers have been less than expected. Many fans obviously expected more emphasis to be put on the series that seem to be doing well. Instead, the producers have shifted all their focus on to Halo infinite and make it shine.


Halo infinite vs. Halo wars


the Halo franchise covers a huge amount of material ranging from video games to live-action movies. However, its two most famous series of the franchise are the Halo wars and the Halo games. While both are video games, they follow vastly different formats. the Halo games such as Halo infinite are first-person shooters centered around the perspective of a single character. While the characters you can play are buried in is always a first-person shooter. Though, with an excellent storyline and plot progression. The Halo wars on the other hand our tactical strategy games. Instead of controlling only one character the player vast armies of special troops in the game. It is less about being accurate with your fire and more about positioning troops to their best advantage. That being said, the game also has excellent storyline and plot progression intertwines with them a series. In fact it appears that information from the most recent Halo wars game will appear in halo infinite. Both game series are highly popular with fans of the franchise.


All focus on Halo infinite


Unfortunately for fans of the Halo wars series all focus seems to been shifted by the producers to halo infinite. This was recently confirmed by the leadership of the production company in response to rumors. Specifically, rumors that they were hiring people to work on a new installment in the series. He stated that these new job opportunities were focused on halo infant. The reason the company is focusing so heavily on is an attempt to meet fan expectations. The original release information and previews for the game were poorly received. Now they are trying to focus all their effort into moving any malfunctions before the game launch. This means that they have dropped any projects not related to that game. Which is a disappointment to fans of the Halo wars as they have been hoping for third installment. Especially after the success of a DLC for the second installment of the Halo wars series. Many feel that it would be more advantageous trying to put all their efforts into Halo infinite.

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