Sea of Thieves is now cross-platform compatible thanks to steam network.

Sea of Thieves is now cross-platform compatible thanks to steam network. This massive online multiplayer sandbox game has been around for three years undergoing constant development. Though in the early years of the game that development was sporadic. Also, originally the game was considered rather barren with very little for players to do.

However, over the last years the developers have greatly improved the game. Adding huge amounts of contents and creating a semi regular schedule. part of this massive content update was adding cross-platform compatibility to the game. While many players found this exhilarating other thought that PC gamers have an unfair advantage. The developers however have heard this claim and it created a solution, so all could enjoy the high seas.


Sea of Thieves


Sea of Thieves Is an online video game that allows the player to take on the role of a Pirate. As a feature of the game’s sandbox function no tube wages are ever going to be the same. After the tutorial adventure of course. These first ventures will show the player the basic mechanics of the game and how many of the quest features work. Additionally, the game has a total of seven trading companies that provide missions and goods. There are also numerous exciting and hilarious features to be found in the game.

These include ingenious ways to board enemy vessels and encounters with deadly ship sized marine wildlife. Furthermore, as the game is a multiplayer game you can enjoy it with friends or face other players in combat. One of the newest and most controversial features the game has is cross-platform compatibility. What this means is that a player can face off against individuals using a different consul. Whereas in the old days a PC gamer could only play against other PC gamers. Now, a player can play against anyone any counsel not just the same as they are using.


Cosplay shutdown

many fans of Sea of Thieves have expressed some concern over the cross-play feature. This feature was first made possible the game was set up for PC and appeared on the steam network. The concern fans are having is it set to auto select is active as the default setting. these players have stated that Council users are at a disadvantage when it comes to facing off against PC players. As a result, the developers have included codes in the game that allow cross plate to be deactivated. now these players can enjoy the game without feeling they are at a disadvantage.

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