Call of duty zombies have returned or soon will in the games new outbreak mode.

Call of duty zombies have returned or soon will in the gains new outbreak mode. The games developers have recently for that the season to update for Call of duty: Black ops Cold War. Though, they might have been forced to do so when someone at the organization leaked the information. Regardless, they have officially confirmed its release in late February 2021. The new outbreak mode for the game features as is often the case a storyline. Additionally, new features have been added to this mode to slightly alter the experience. Also, the season to update comes with myriad of new features beyond those of the zombie outbreak.


Call of duty zombie update


Call of duty: Black ops Cold War will be receiving it season to update on February 25. As with previous installments in the call of duty series this update will include a zombie mode. Specifically, is being referred to as the outbreak mode. Simply put, it is a mode of the game where the player face-off against waves of zombie attackers. As is common with zombie modes in this franchise there is a theme or story for the mode. In this case is an extension of the previous games outbreak mode. It continues both his story and setting though the mission has changed slightly. In this outbreak mode it appears the players goal is to escort a special piece of equipment. Player escorts the rover equipped with unique technology to a specific point on the map. At which point they have an option going to the trailer to escape or into the world of the zombies. Both options incorporate increased difficulty from the zombie attackers. Based on the trailer information this could be one of the best many modes the franchise has seen for some time. Additionally, there have been many other features are to the game for season two.


Additional features


Call of duty: Black ops Cold War is also introducing a set of features designed to improve overall game. One of these is the addition of two new tears for skill tree upgrades. The new upgrades are for tier 4 and tier 5. These two new skills here upgrades can only be achieved through the use of Aetherium crystals. Season two will also have a host of additional features intended to improve the game and provide challenges for the players.

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