Fortnight season five Crystal jump challenge being cheated by some players.

Fortnight season five Crystal jump challenge being cheated by some players. specifically, this is one of the challenges players had to complete for the season pass. At least if they want to upgrade their past and also increase the experience for the character. This particular challenge request is actually one of the more challenging ones. Not surprising considering difficulty level is legendary. That being said, some players have found a way around the difficulty of the challenge. They do this by exploiting a rather unfortunate bug in the game. However, the results is even more annoying because players are leveling up but they don’t serve to. This also means that they get on ferret which over other players who aren’t able to level up as quickly.

Fortnight season 5

Fortnight season 5 Crystal Jump challenge is one of the most formidable challenges in the game. This week’s challenge even more so others given his parameters. Specifically, the requirements that the player must deal combat damage 10 seconds after activation. To put it another way after the player uses the jumper Crystal, they have 10 seconds to strike another player. They don’t necessarily have to kill them but simply strike an enemy player. This is a challenge for several reasons the first being that not many people travel to the jump crystals. Specifically, the jump crystals can only be found in the exact center of the fortnight map. As such, only certain high-level players will then ship there in the game. Though, any players will attempt to acquire these crystals to use for specific situations. Apparently, one strategy that players are using to beat this challenge is fishing. Essentially an ambush where one player waits until another arrives. At which point they activate the jump Crystal and strike the newcomer in order to complete the challenge. While this is one way there are others that players have begun to use.


Fortnight seasons legend quest glitch


Some players have taken advantage of a glitch in the game in order to defeat the challenge. since the challenge is a must complete in order to level up the character and season pass for the game. The glitch in question involves the fortnight storm a storm that circles over the island occasionally. There’s a found out that if they use the jump Crystal just before the storm arrives it triggers battle. Specifically, it shows that the character dealt damage to an unknown opponent. This allowed numerous players to gain and unfair advantage over the rest. It is likely however that the developers as they become more aware of the situation will fix this glitch. Once that’s done players will be able to enjoy the thrill of Fortnight season once again.


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