Persona five strikers has stolen a top selling spot on the steam network.

Persona five strikers has stolen a top selling spot on the steam network. This game is the latest in a series that are themselves a spin-off of a much older game. the series of games including this were originally released exclusively for game consoles. However, they have recently started being released on the steam network for PC’s. In fact, persona five strikers is but the most recent game in the series to reach the steam network. That being said, it is one of very few to reach the top 10 best-selling list. What’s even more impressive about heading this list is the fact that it has been released yet. all of the orders that have been registered which put the game on the best-selling list are preorders. This makes it quite impressive treatment to the popularity of the console version and the series.


Persona five strikers


Persona five strikers is the sequel to the original game sets just about three years after the original. Soon after its release critics were raving about how well the series had progressed. Specifically, they stated the game was a perfect follow-up to the original. It’s took the world and characters from the original game and seamlessly continue the story. While at the same time also adding in adventure elements and combat mechanics similar to dynasty warrior.


persona series


The persona series has made its way to PCs for more than just persona five striker. In fact, many of the franchise’s games have in recent years appeared on the steam network. while this includes some of the more federal titles it also includes some of the less known. For example, one of the games that recently made it to the steam network is persona 4 golden. This version of the persona series was originally only available on PlayStation Vita. Understandably, it was not very game though this was due to the fact that the PlayStation Vita was unsuccessful. To put it another way, the game was good but the system it was designed for was unpopular. this became abundantly clear when the enhanced version for the Steve network was released. Now it’s popularity is being overshadowed by a game that has even become available yet.

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