Fortnight NPC hunt, where to find mave and the storm scout rifle.

Fortnight NPC hunt, where to find mave and the storm scout rifle. The season five pass events for fortnight have been a tremendous success with the players. In addition to being able to enjoy the there are lots of opportunities to acquire and unique items. In addition to interacting with NBC’s that occasionally double as characters. One such in BC who has both qualities mentioned above is mave. While she is the Amazon playable character as a NPC she is the one way to acquire the unique storm scout rifle. Unfortunately, as so often happens in fortnight occasionally these in PC’s shift location. Which given the size of the map makes finding them again a tremendous pain for the players.


Fortnight NPC mave


Mave As an NPC serves the role of shopkeeper for one specific item. That is the storm scout rifle which is a powerful sniper rifle. in fact, it is one of the most formidable range weapons in the entire game. The only way to acquire it is to track down mave’s in PC location. After which you have to approach her and start a conversation. To acquire the rifle, you simply need to select the conversation prop the deals with it. This will trigger an option that will make it possible to buy the weapon.

It’s not exactly cheap but 500 gold bars is a fair price to pay for a decisive advantage over many opponents. Additionally, there is one option that should not be chosen. That is to kill the NPC. While this will generate a sniper rifle it will not be the storm scout rifle. Instead, the weapon that will be generated will be a simple bold action sniper rifle. This is not an elite weapon in fact is more common and less effective variance of the weapon.


where to find mave


While mave shooting locations is a tremendous hassle and takes a long time to track down. Fortunately, some players have already managed to locate her and have been kind enough to share information. her current location is in the south east part of the map. Specifically, on the cliffs above a shipwreck outside the log cabin. Once you get to that location look for the Amazon rock altar and you will find the NPC you seek.

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