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Rumours are Amber Heard is Fired From Aquaman 2, and the Reason Might shock you.

Rumours are in the air that Amber Heard is Fired From Aquaman 2. 2021 hasn’t been Fair to Amber Heard, From Defamation Trials to Now it is Rumoured that she will not be the part f Aquaman sequel. Not being part of a certain project is one thing, but why she is Fired might shock you.  Let’s find out why she is fired.

Why Amber Heard is Fired From Aquaman 2?

Amber Heard is known for voicing her opinions against domestic Violence, Body Shaming. She is the one who never afraid to speak in the favour of LGBTQ rights. She is a great actress, we all have seen her work in several Hollywood Flicks. When the Rumours are afloat about she is not being part of Aquaman sequel, this question Naturally Rises, that why she is fired?

So, the answer is that she has gained few a kilograms, According to the Reports in her Aquaman 2 contract it is clearly mentioned that she has to maintain certain body shape as per Role’s Requirement. But at the end she doesn’t fit in this given image hence she fired from the movie. However, this is still a Rumour and no official Statements came from both sides. We will update you here as soon as there will be any confirmation.

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Who will Replace Amber Heard in Aquaman 2?

well, Rumours has it all Emilia Clarke is said to be Replacing Amber Heard. Again Emilia and Amber both are great actresses but again, No confirmation came from Emilia Clarke’s side as well. So we have  to wait patiently for any further official statement from production or Actresses.

Highlights :

  • Rumours are in the air that Amber Heard is Fired From Aquaman 2.
  • Amber Heard will not be seen in  Aquaman’s sequel as she gained some weight which doesn’t filled required body image for this upcoming movie’s lead.
  • Emilia Clarke is said to be Replacing Amber Heard.

What do you think about this Rumour? Is it really justified to fire Heard because of  gaining some weight ?

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