the Whitcher series, the differences between Triss in book, videogame, and TV series.

The Whitcher series, the differences between Triss in book, videogame, and TV series. The Whitcher series is an impressive collection of media. It started out as a book series which then inspired the video games which led to the TV series. Of course, with so much input from various sources there was going to be some discrepancies.

One of the most notable for fans is the appearance of one of the main characters TRIS Mary gold. Specifically, the differences in her physical appearance on the television series versus the video games and books. The other notable difference, is the relationship she develops with Geralt. while some of this is unavoidable, other differences to the fans seem avoidable.


the Whitcher series


the Whitcher series in all its forms is it fantasy adventure narrative following the adventures of Geralt. He is a whitcher, a professional monster Hunter from the store universe. The series originally began as a book series by a Polish author. It was later converted into a video game series which gained worldwide success. It is important to note that the video games function as a sequel to the books. This is due to the fact that all three of the games are set after the ends of the books.

This is in stark contrast to the TV series which is the live-action adaptation of the books. of course, there are some creative differences in the TV series and compared well. To an extent this makes sense, search and story elements would have to have been shortened or altered. However, there are some blatant differences TV series from the book and video games that make no sense. Such is the appearance of Tress the TV series.




Tress is one of the main characters in the series. She is potentially one of the more important ones in the videogame depending on the player’s choice. Specifically, she is one of the romantic options for the main character. This appears not to be the case in the first season of the TV series. However, that is understandable due to the fact that any relationship between the two would’ve taken place much later. The most startling difference between the TV series appearance of Tress and the books and videogame is her appearance. Specifically, both the books and the video games describe her as a redhead with blue eyes.

However, the TV series uses an actress with brown eyes and darker hair. to be fair, the actress in question does the tray the character exceedingly well. However, some fans have criticized the directors for not finding someone more physically similar to the description. This situation is the example of several of the inconsistent TV series compared to the rest of the other source material. For those who wish to see this discrepancy themselves it is possible. The TV series is currently streaming on Netflix and the videogame is available for multiple consuls. No matter which you choose you surely will be entertained.

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