Elon musk spaceship crashes and burns in third attempt at test flight and no end in sight.

Elon musk spaceship crashes and burns in third attempt at test flight and no end in sight. Specifically, Elon musk seem to have no intention of stopping the space program created. In fact, he and his are claiming this to be a successful test. Yes, the spacecraft exploded but only after it made a successful control landing. The billionaire investor is hoping based on the success to have a fully functional orbital flight by the end of the year. while an optimistic view point there is no doubt that he’s willing to continue to invest money in the project. Even though his competitors have a tremendously lead on him in the field. Of course, his ambitions with this project far exceed there’s and perhaps his understand.


Elon musk spaceship crash and burn


Elon musk S – 10 prototype spacecraft executed its first and only test flights at 5:15 PM in Texas. Specifically, the third prototype in this spacecraft design lineage. The previous two both literally fell out of the sky during the test. This third one however actually managed to take off and my 10 km. At which point, it reengaged his engines and executed a vertical landing. While this was successful shortly after the vehicle touched down on the pad something went wrong. the exact cause has not been revealed but the end result was the explosion of the spacecraft. The subsequent fire also destroyed the entirety of the type. Fortunately, as with the first two tests there are no reported injuries as a result of the accident.


 Elon musk space plans


Despite the losses of three prototypes the project appears to be continuing as planned. Elon musk has brought the same reckless determination to his space program as he has to Tesla cars. Which means he pushes his goals and agendas forward. Which also probably means a high turnover rate in personnel due to mental fatigue. Regardless, the test flight that ended in a crash and burn did show progress. Which is all the entrepreneur investor needs to push his project forward. His long-term goals include regular flights to the moon with the shuttle. And perhaps even using its four missions to Mars, though it would make more sense for it to be the landing craft larger vessel. Despite his large cargo capacity is not the kind of craft anyone would want to spend a three-month voyage on. which is the optimistic for the quickest travel time with the most engines to the red planet.

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