Jumanji 4 the long discussed and hope for new film in the franchise is on the way.

Jumanji 4 the long discussed and hope for new film in the franchise is on the way. Specifically, it has been confirmed that this newest film is currently in the early stages of production. In fact, it is so early that there’s not even a hint of the potential plot. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to guess where the plot might go. Especially when you factor in the history of the franchise and certain actors who may not be available. it’s also not surprising that the producers are eager to continue the franchise after its previous successes. it will be interesting to see what it ventures away in Jumanji 4.


Jumanji so far

the Jumanji franchise has a long and adventurous history. Starting with the original released in 1995. In that movie, one of the main characters is trapped in the game for several decades. Until he was released and reunited with his friend and two other players to beat the game. The major points of the first film was the game escape into reality. Then over a decade later the second and third films were released. These two films took a different approach. First the game evolved itself into a video game to attract new players. Secondly, the primary focus of the game and movie was events unfolding inside the game. This definitely created a new series of dynamics and hilarious hijinks. However, after the third film this new way of Jumanji seems a little over done.


Jumanji 4


Jumanji 4 has yet to even hint at the potential plot beyond the ending of the third film. That being said, there are some definite possibilities for what will be seen in the fourth installment. The most obvious of these is a return to the premise of the first film. Specifically, having parts or even all of the game escape into the real world. As seen in the last film when the herd of ostriches goes running down Main Street. Most likely the main cast from the previous two films will have to figure out how to send the game back. A challenge made even more difficult for them by not having the ability is the game. Additionally, this would provide a means of covering up the lack of Jack Black on cast. This would be due to the fact that the actor has retired from the film industry. Of course, this is all speculation and we won’t know anything for certain until the first trailers are revealed.

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