The next three major projects for the Marvel cinematic universe phase 4 will be coming in the next few months.

The next three major projects for the Marvel cinematic universe phase 4 will be coming in the next few months. These projects in the order they will appear are the falcon and the Winter soldier, black widow, and Loki. Each of these projects tie directly in to the previous marble cinematic universe projects as well as expanding upon. though to be fair, each one is expanding in a slightly different way and will tie into the universe differently. Of course, they are all highly anticipated and expected to do well. At the very least it is hoped they will equal the successes of Wanda vision.


the falcon and the Winter soldier first of the next three projects


this series as the name suggests this series focuses on two of the well-known secondary avengers’ characters. Specifically, the falcon and Winter soldier and follows the events of avengers end game. As was seen with those post credit sequences the original Capt. America retired and pass the mantle on to the falcon. The series based on the trailers shows how the falcon and went to soldier both struggling to find their place in the world. Also, the primary villain of the series appears to be a character returning from avengers Civil War. The first episode of the series will premiere on Disney plus March 19, 2001.


Black widow


This project is one of the first films from the phase 4 projects and focuses on black widow. Unlike the majority of the projects this one does not appear to be a sequel or continuation of the story. Rather it is an elaboration of the character’s history. In other words it is a anthology film about black widow. Based on the trailers it is set after the events of Civil War and focuses on the character’s history. Specifically, events and people from her past catching up or coming after her. Also, it will introduce us to if not her family then the closest she has to. This will be in the form of her original team of superhuman soldiers from the former Soviet Union. While it’s unclear how this film will fit into the story line or events of phase 4 it should still be interesting. black widow will hit the silver screen June 11, 2021.




Perhaps the most unexpected series to come out of marvels cinematic universe phase for projects. Most fans were expecting this project to be a movie rather than a TV series. That being said, it looks like it will be an interesting and hilarious addition to the universe. Essentially due to the events of avengers and game we get to see a version of Loki before he redeemed himself. In other words, we get to see Loki at his very worst. According to the trailers, the series will be set in a region outside of time. It will most likely focus on Loki’s attempts to escape and/or take over the location. Additionally, it appears that it will also be showing bits and pieces of Loki’s past life. The series also appears to be somehow connected to the major themes for phase 4. At the very least it has been confirmed that it will directly tie into the hands of the upcoming Dr. strange film. Loki will be sneaking his way onto Disney plus June 11, 2021.

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