Batgirl and Zatanna are the next big superheroine’s Warner Bros. are bringing to life from the DC universe.

Batgirl and Zatanna are the next big superheroine’s Warner Bros. are bringing to life from the DC universe. this comes as part of their planned projects for the upcoming years as a prepare to launch to launch 16 others. These other 16 were delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic but are good to go now. So now is the perfect time for Warner Bros. to begin preparing for their next big projects. Amongst these has been confirmed that Batgirl and Zatanna will be the focus of two projects. Admittedly these two are the interesting choice for live-action projects. Though it also makes sense as they are amongst the most popular supporting heroes from the DC universe.




In the comics batgirl is one of Batman’s protégés or sidekicks. In addition to learning from the master superhero the arts of combat stealth the characters other skills. Such as being a master level hacker and talented information broker. In fact, she is responsible in many instances the gathering key Intel for Batman and the rest of the team. additionally, her secret identity as many of the same challenges as Batman’s if for different reasons. Specifically, as Barbara Gordon she is the daughter of the chief of police of Garden City. Has a result it would not look very good if it became known that she was a vigilant. The project has been confirmed to be a feature-length film with the writer being Christina Hodson. this talented story creator who worked on the birds of prey and bumblebee films is excited to work on this project. Unfortunately, no timeline is currently available on when the film will be in theaters or other media.




this project will focus on one of the DC universes is well known heroines. Zatanna in many of the comics is a talented stage magician. However, completely unknown to herself is the fact that she possesses actual magic. The comics usually differ on how she discovers this power but always use the same criteria. That is to say, the character is a rare individual born to wield magic. In fact, she has control over many forms of the mystical arts though most often focuses on element and mental manipulation. Her powers are activated by speaking the intent of her spell with a twist. Specifically, her spell will only take effect when she says the words and sentence backwards. the only information we know for certain about this project is that it will be a television series. Of them that not even director has been chosen at this time. Hopefully, given the fact that she works with the Justice league on occasion they will tie the series to the movies in some way.

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