Pokémon go is adding three new legendary Pokémon in the month of March.

Pokémon go is adding three new legendary Pokémon in the month of March. Specifically, it is adding the legendary Pokémon from Pokémon black white series. These three legends will be appearing from the middle of March forward. The names of these three Pokémon are Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus. as is the case with all legendary Pokémon in the series that are associated in triumvirate each represents a different element. Surprisingly, the first to be release has been confirmed as Thundurus which means they are starting in the middle. Regardless, this should be a fun addition to the incredible experience that is Pokémon go.


Pokémon go


Pokémon go is a mobile application videogame that is fully compatible with most mobile smart devices. Specifically, it is compatible with the operating systems of the Apple and android devices. The game can be best described as a virtual reality simulator without the virtual reality. A player activates the game on their mobile device and then walks around the real world. At specific points around the world the player can encounters with an certain Pokémon. At which point they can attempt to capture the Pokémon in a similar manner to the old Game Boy games. The game also allows for remote access special events, such as dungeon raids or team capturing events. The latter is what will be necessary according to the release information to capture the new legendary Pokémon.




while no information has been given as to when the other two legendaria’s will be released a great deal has been provided for Thundurus. one of the specific points has been the way to locate this Pokémon. Specifically, there will be a specific grade for each of these Pokémon with Thundurus as the first confirmed. It is also been confirmed that the best way to defeat him is in a team of 5 to 6. The recommended lineup of Pokémon has also been suggested. This would include ice and rock types with stronger ones being preferred. These types would counter the abilities thought to be present with the first of the three to be released. Additionally, a player could use on electric type Pokémon which would nullify many of Thundurus abilities. To capture him will Pokémon go players will have to use a premium ball. All other Pokémon go Pokey balls will be useless to capture this or any of the other legendary being released in the game.

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