Nightwing confirmed by DC as one of the greatest heroes as seen in issue 78 current, book series.

Nightwing confirmed by DC as one of the greatest heroes as seen in issue 78 current, book series. It is well known amongst the fans that he is a hero worthy of recognition. Despite the fact that he is often in the shadow of the Justice league. The fact of the matter is his character story is just as powerful as any of theirs. The newest issue of his current, comic book incarnation shows this in spades. Additionally, it has shown that not just the fans but the series creators three heroes in the series feel the same. Now many fans are wondering what will happen for the nightly character beyond the comics.



this superhero got his start as Robin the sidekick of Batman and also as his alter ego’s legal guardian. To be more precise Dick Grayson was taken in by Bruce Wayne after his parents died. After discovering who Batman was he was trained by the dark Knight. Also, he was mentor to many life aspects by Alfred Bruce Wayne’s but in long-term friend. As his story continued the character grew both as a hero and a man. Later he broke with Batman and the other heroes of Garden City to strike out on his own. Nightwing for a time was the leader of the superhero team teen Titans. Eventually though he settled in the city of blood and took up the role of its defender. Of course, he would periodically joined with the rest of the Justice league or Batman and his other protégés.


however, in recent issues of the comic books where this hero appeared things changed. For several years the character lost his memory after a horrific battle with his version of the Joker. During the fight Nightwing/Dick Grayson received a terrible head injury that seal the way his memories. This meant for several years he lived a completely different person. That was until the events in the, books known as the Joker war. During these events Dicks memories were awakened and he once again donned the mask of Nightwing.


Nightwing confirmed by DC as one of the greatest heroes


It was after these events that Nightwing was confirmed as one of the greatest heroes. The creators of the current incarnation of Nightwing achieve this in a spectacular manner. Specifically, in the events told in the most recent edition of the comic we see Nightwing returning to blood Haven. However, we also see shocking loss visited upon him. Specifically, revealing that due to his amnesia he was unaware of the full nature of the loss of Alfred after his death.

however, this terrible blow was also mitigated by the letter Alfred left for Nightwing. In which he was named as Alfred’s inheritor of substantial fortune. However, the letter also went deeper emotionally as in it Alfred declared how proud he was of Nightwing. Stating that the hero was equal to any of the Justice league’s top members. The most important part however came when he described how proud he was of Dick Grayson the man. Alfred declared that he knew Grayson would go on to do great things and that he was proud to call him son.

This letter is so emotional that no fan can be unmoved when reading it. it is a brilliant piece of storytelling that brings emotional closure to the fans and the character. Beyond that though, it serves as undeniable proof that the series creators and the comic editors believe in his greatness.


The future


While it cannot be denied that the comics have a great deal to tell especially after issue 78 there is more possible. many fans are hoping that either a live-action TV series or a movie is in the works. Either one would be an impressive edition to the Nightwing legacy. Especially after DC has confirmed he is one of the greatest heroes they have.

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