Last of us HBO adaptation will have tremendous differences from the first game.

Last of us HBO adaptation will have tremendous differences from the first game. Specifically, the TV series adaptation of the highly popular franchise is basing the first season off the first game. However, according to the series creator and game creator there will be some differences between the two. The last of us HBO adaptation is based off the post-apocalyptic zombie video game of the same name. Considered one of the greatest games of this year it has spawned a tremendous fan following. So much so that the developers have released a second game in the series even more popular than the first. As a result, it’s no surprise that Sony has partnered with HBO to create a TV version of the series.


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The last of us videogame which HBO is adapting into the TV series is an action adventure/zombie shooter. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic future where a deadly fungus has infected the human race. The fungus attacks the human nervous system and turning us into essentially zombies. The story focuses on the journey of a black-market transporter and a young girl who is immune to the fungus. The game chronicles their journey both physical and emotional. Critics said the game had one of the most emotional and powerful stories in recent years. In fact, the game has garnered such popularity and financial success that the studio created a second. The last of us 2 picked up on the original game story and improved it in every possible way. The game won numerous awards for storytelling music visual and so on. as a result of all the success from both games is not surprising that the producers would agree to work with HBO. That is to say, the creators of one of the most successful video games would turn to HBO for TV series. After all, HBO is responsible for creating one it TV series based on one of the most popular book series.


Last of us HBO adaptation differences

it is important to remember that at this time the show is only been confirmed as a project. There isn’t even a trailer available let alone a confirmed release date. That being said, interviews with the director as well as the original game creators have shed some light on the project. The original game creator has stated that most of the story elements from the game will be appearing in the television adaptation. Specifically, he stated that some of the dialogue she created will be in the TV series. Additionally, he also said that it will also deviate in certain areas to a great degree. This deviation is due to the fact that the TV series will be working in a different medium than the original video. this was also confirmed by a the series director. Who stated that it was always his and his teams goal to maintain the story as much as possible. To that end they are keeping the most important parts such as dialogue and main plot. But anything that is less critical such as outfits or random tangents in dialogue will be removed. Of course, this might upset certain fans however the creator has stated that he is not displeased with the project. At this point fans are both eagerly and apprehensively waiting to see the last of us HBO adaptation.

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