YouTube new look Google is updating all application variations to look the same.

YouTube new look, Google is updating all application variations to look the same. Google recently announced that it is updating the basic web page for YouTube so that it will resemble android version. YouTube has been around in both forms for many years. in all that time no user has ever complained about its appearance. Still, Google feels a need to improve the web variation and make it look like it’s smart phones mod versions. Of course, there is something to be said for continued improvement, though why uniformity. Especially, given that Google has announced it is going to alter all of its applications appearance to have the same look.




this application and web browser is specifically designed as a means to watch online videos. These videos include home movies, videogame clips, music videos, and a host of other variations. Over the last few decades it has become the go to place to find these videos on various subjects. Additionally, over the years it has branched out into other more specialized applications such as YouTube music. Originally, it was limited to a web browser or more precisely Internet enabled computers. However, the introduction of the smart phone or other mobile devices changed all that. With their introduction it became possible through the creation of the mobile application to watch videos anywhere. in other words, as long as you had your smart phone you can watch anything you want.


Of course this necessitated a few changes in the appearance of the application. Since smart phones have smaller screens the most computers the applications functions and appearance at the change. Most notably instead of the large and imposing on used on the webpage a more refined smaller version was used. This same minimalist was applied to the entirety of the operating interface. Drop-down menus, action commands, and other interface tools were reduced in size or modified. Specifically, they were altered so that they would supersede a video while the video is still playing.


New look


Google who now own YouTube have decided to modernize the web version of the application. In other words, soon the normal web browser that appears on computers for YouTube will look exactly the same. that is to say, there will be no distinction between the smart phone application and the web application. It’s unclear as to the reason why Google is undergoing this modernization of its program appearance. That being said, they have also stated they will not stop until all the applications share the same minimalist appearance. Which is quite the undertaking no matter what their reasoning or justification for is.

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