A mysterious worm tornado appeared on New Jersey’s Hoboken sidewalk earlier this week.

A mysterious worm tornado appeared on New Jersey’s Hoboken sidewalk earlier this week. Pictures of the bizarre swarm of worms have spread across social media like wildfire. Numerous individuals have voice curiosity or opinions on the situation. These range from amateurs to fall on experts on the study worms. it is the time of year for worms to begin being seen again especially after rain. that being said this particular formation is quite rare and almost never seen numbers. Theories on why the worms are amassed in such numbers are already quite varied. That being said scientists have never studied the phenomenon in great detail and have no definite answers.


mysterious worm tornado


this mysterious worm tornado as the social media posts have proclaimed it first appeared in Hoboken New Jersey. Pictures of the event show hundreds of worms of an unknown species gathering together into a spiral formation. It’s important to remember that the species is unknown to the posters of the event it doesn’t mean their new. In all likelihood the species has been identified and documented by science. Unfortunately, only an expert in the study of worms will be able to identify the exact species. it’s not surprising to see a large number of earthworms or whatever species this is, just not in these numbers. This time of year, just after the winter frosts have melted in the first rain are appearing is when worms come to the surface. As for the reason they swarmed in this particular formation no one has a definite answer.


why the tornadoes?


Unfortunately, scientists have not studied this phenomenon closely enough to give an answer on the subject. It’s also important to know that is not the first time such a swarm has been seen. Though admittedly most previous swarms were not the size and did not receive social media posts. The exact reason why swarm occurred has been theorized by every expert who is seen the post. Of the many theories that exist three have emerged as the most likely. The first being the worms were simply trying to get to the surface to breathe. Rainwater saturates the ground makes it possible for a worm to bring in less it comes to the surface. Others have suggested that the worms were trying to escape subterranean predators. Whether this is true or not is unclear but it does explain why so many would come to the surface. The third most likely possibility is that it was some sort of pheromone attraction that drew so many together. This could possibly have been an impromptu mating event. Unfortunately, until scientists conduct a more thorough investigation into possible to tell which of these theories is correct. It could be a combination of or none only time and research will provide an explanation.

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