The Lord of the rings: Gollum first trailer provides a glimpse of what the game has to offer

The Lord of the rings: Gollum first trailer provides a glimpse of what the game has to offer. For fans of the Lord of the rings this upcoming game is one of the most hotly anticipated. As the title suggests it will follow the character of Gollum. One of the reasons this game is so highly it is that it is set in a new part of the story. Specifically, this will follow the story of Gollum between the time he left the Misty Mountains and the events of the Lord of the rings. The first trailer doesn’t excellent job of showing what fans can expect from this new game.




for those who are unaware of this character Gollum is a corrupted hobbit from the Lord of the rings. Specifically, he was in possession of the one Ring which he called the precious for centuries. Over that time, it slowly changed his body and broke his mind. After the events of the hobbit and his loss of the one Ring he set out in search of it. According to the Lord of the rings books he didn’t know where to look on his journey. at some point in his search, he was drawn by the presence of the dark Lord to Mordor. This was likely unintentional as he subconsciously felts the dark Lord’s call to the corrupted beings of the world. The exact nature of the events of Gollum’s time in Mordor were never fully detailed in the books. It is known that he wandered the borders and even inside the boundaries of the dartboards around for some time before being captured. It is then revealed that he was tortured for information about the one ring. Then according to the books, he was set loose on some dark mission but was captured by the Ranger stridor.  This provides some fertile ground for creative interpretation on the part of the video games cerates. It’s also important to remember that like many of the recent video games and even movies there are differences. Specifically, much of the details from most media sources are not considered 100% in keeping with the story of the Lord rings. That being said the game trailer does not disappoint on creating a Lord of the rings feel.

Lord of the rings: Gollum first trailer


this first trailer provides an excellent view of the visuals and other features that are likely to appear in the game. Most notably, the visual effects create the perfect feel of terror threat associated with the dark and Mordor. Additionally, the trailer shows some of the monsters and villains the column will have to avoid. These include swarms of bats, spiders, orcs, and several other possibilities. The general field created by the trailer suggests that the game will be a horror and survival game. This would be in keeping with the Lord surrounding this time in the Lord of the rings. it is important to remember though that is only a theory at this time. The game producers have not yet revealed the mechanics of the game or a specific release date. This unfortunately means that fans will have to wait for a while until they can play the game.

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