MobiKwik Data Breach: The 8.2 Tera Byte Data from Mobikwik Servers is hacked and available on Dark Web

Credit Cards / Debit Cards attached in MobiKwik Accounts are on Risk: The data of millions of users hacked from Mobikwik servers and is selling on Dark Web. The hackers are bidding the price for whole lot of Data for 1.5-2 Bitcoins which will amount to INR 6,400,000.

This is one of the biggest data leak of the decade. All the confidential information like CC details, Card number, CVV, CVC, ATM PIN of millions of users are on big risk.

Hence, We advise all our readers to remove your Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Locations, Email Passwords and other confidential details from your MobiKwik Accounts.

The biggest turn point is that MobiKwik officials are denying this data leak News from the root. As it could cause harm to their Brand name and Goodwill.  But, they should not Astray their users as it can lead users to huge losses.

The data available on Dark Web consist of 600 databases, 100 million Emails, Several phone numbers and passwords. Along with that, millions of IP addresses, GPS locations, installed apps and other confidential information.

As MobiKwik puts obligation for a compulsory KYC, So Indian users has threat to their AADHAR Card and Pan Card details. As it will lead to leak of various confidential information.

So, I wrap by saying that Mobikwik Officials Please Accept your Security fault and let your users know the necessary steps of securing their data.

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